510 E-Cigarette Oil Pen Vape

510 Oil Pen Vape
510 Oil Pen Vape

510 E-Cigarette Oil Pen Vape


280 mAh Battery + CE3 1.0 ml Tank + USB Charger

510 Thread connection

Buttonless Touch ON/OFF

Voltage: 3.3v - 4.2v


* Convenient Standby Mode:

The battery remains in stand by mode when not in use.

* Stylus:

The rubber tip of the battery functions as a
stylus for electronic touch screen devices.

* LED Light Indicator:

An LED located at the bottom of the
battery will glow red when you take a puff.

* Automatic Power-Off Function:

The battery will turn off after inhaling for 8 seconds.
The power will resume automatically during the next puff.

* Low Battery Indicator:

The LED will flash 10 times when the battery is low.

* Easy Charging Process:

The LED will glow red while charging.
The USB charger LED will turn green when the battery is fully charged.
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