What's a JUUL?

The JUUL. It's virtually everywhere. Some people can't live without it, but some people don't even know what it is! Chances are, if you have ever stepped foot inside a vape or tobacco store (or even your local grocery store/gas station), you probably have seen signs advertising the JUUL. 


You may wonder, well, what exactly isthe JUUL? Why is it everywhere, and what makes it so popular? To answer your question very generally, the JUUL is a type of electronic cigarette (or e-cig/e-cigarette) that was released by PAX Labs back in 2015. Despite its late splash into the vaping scene, the JUUL has become immensely widespread, particularly among the youth. 


The JUUL was launched to be used mainly as a smoking cessation device by heavy cigarette smokers. Ideally, the JUUL is not to be used by someone who is not a cigarette smoker as the high nicotine content in one JUUL "pod" is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes and can very easily turn one into a nicotine-craving fiend. This does not mean that non-smokers don't or can't use the JUUL. In fact, non-smokers use the JUUL just as regularly as actual smokers do simply due to its popularity. Just be aware that if you are not originally a heavy smoker, there is more than a slight chance that you may become (more) addicted to nicotine. 


In terms of usage and functionality, the JUUL doesn't fail to deliver. Its incredibly simple, lightweight, and and sleek design makes it the obvious choice for your normal, everyday smoker who doesn't want anything too bulky or complicated. One may even argue that the JUUL can be credited for popularizing vaping and making it more mainstream and easily accessible to the general public. Forget coils, forget "box mods," forget ohms and wattages and all the other confusing jargon! With the JUUL, all the equipment you need is the JUUL itself, a magnetic USB charging dock (which comes in both the starter JUUL kit and standard JUUL kit), and the pods that go inside the JUUL. Users may check the battery life of their JUUL by gently tapping the device twice; a round little LED light will glow green for a full charge, yellow for a medium charge, and red for a low charge. You may also just take a hit, and the LED light will blink automatically, indicating the battery life. Once the light shows red, it's recommended for you to charge it on the charging dock which you may plug in any USB port. JUULs usually take about an hour or so to fully charge, making it the perfect go-to, on-the-go vaping device! If you are interested in purchasing one, check out your nearest vape shop or go online. A JUUL kit's cost ranges anywhere from $40 to $70. 


JUUL pods come in packs of four and are usually sold at your local vape shop or gas station. A single pod snaps right into the JUUL device, and once snugly fit, the user may "take a drag" from it much like they would do with a cigarette (from the pod end, which is located at the top). You simply inhale from the top of the JUUL, and you will get a minor tingling sensation in your throat, much akin to smoking a real cigarette. Each pod is composed of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine salts, a combination of freebase nicotine (the purest form of nicotine) and benzoic acid which allows for higher nicotine intake and a smoother hit over your regular e-juice. Read more about nicotine salts here, and find out whether these "salts" are a good option for you. A single JUUL pod will last you around 200 puffs, and once emptied, you replace it with a new pod. 


JUUL offers 8 different flavors: Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Classic Menthol, Cool Cucumber, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Mango, and Crème. Mango and Cool Mint are by the most popular among the general public. You can't go wrong with them! Be warned, however, that you must be of legal age in your states to purchase the pods and must be at least 21 years of age to purchase them online.